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Hi, I’m Heather.

I teach peace seekers how to reclaim their sanity from the chaos of life so they can live radically purposeful, powerfully free, and incredibly joyful lives.

We both know life is messy. Sometimes we yell too much, feel guilty, and wonder where we left our sanity. But the science is clear – when you love the mess, the chaos becomes clarity and pain becomes purposeful.

Clients, students, and companies that work with me reclaim joy and transform their lives (even in the messiness of day-to-day living).

We might work together in a counseling session at Heal Through Play, interact at a graduate class, or connect at your corporation when I speak there. Regardless of how we meet, I aim to help you experience results within minutes, not months.

How fast can change happen? Sixty seconds at a time.




















Love Your Messy Life

My Mission

To end human-created trauma

one nervous system at a time. 



Families + Kids | At Heal Through Play clients receive a cutting-edge, empirically validated form of psychotherapy to help your child transform challenges into accomplishments, while learning tools for greater self-control, balance, and self-esteem. 

Therapists, Coaches, + Health Providers | something about trauma informed, healthy businesses and 

Barns & Equine Facilities | At Accessing Equanimity: the Path of the Horse 



Organizations + Communities



   Therapists, Coaches + Health Provider



Barns +

Equine Facilities





Families + Kids




OMG! I wish I had met Heather 20 years ago when I was at the start of my spiritual journey. It feels like all the work I was doing for all those years is only now able to land fully because Heather has taught me how to balance and reset my nervous system. Prior to that, I would do tonnes of healing, meditation, workshops but nothing would land or stay with me for long, I would always revert back to the ‘old’ ways and be just as emotionally chaotic, unbalanced as before. For the first time in my life I actually feel like I’m making progress that isn’t going to ping back to the ‘old’ ways.

Rachel Andrews

Next Steps

What if you could be happy without having to fix every mess in your life?

1. Start with the AWARE process™, a revolutionary tool to reclaim all 4 areas of the brain, decreasing stress and overwhelm, while building resilience, clarity,  (EQ).

2. Next, head over to the Book page, where you will find 4 FREE bonuses designed to 



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